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Welcome to the wonderful musical world of one of the best up and coming indie artist in the world! Growing up in a south suburban home by Chicago, Illinois. James “Jay Greedy” King always had a passion for the arts. His knowledge and originality in music stemmed from his Nigerian heritage which his parents displayed to him at an early age. As a pre-schooler he would draw sketches of shoes and he would create rhythmic melodies using his mouth as a beatbox.

It wasn’t until James’ freshman year in high school when he learned how to compose music electronically by turning his visual thoughts into super-sonic sound.

He combined his love for a wide range of music and hip-hop to make earcandy for those who heard his compositions. That same year he started writing clever rhymes based off of personal relationships that he had encountered.

19 year old Jay Greedy is part of an indie music label called Angry Heroes who boast hands down the best young producers in the city of Chicago. Angry Heroes Music Group boasts 3 super-producers and 4 artist including Jay Greedy, none of them are over 21! “I am just trying to surround myself with the best young talent from production to promotion’” said 19 year old Jay Greedy.

URB Magazine calls Jay Greedy’s label, “a label that freely allows him to explore his crazy inquisitive side.” Jay Greedy has been around Chicago greats from Good Music’s own GLC to Kid Sister and Yung Berg. He has performed alongside huge Indie artist like Mic Terror and Million $ Mano. He has observed and learned from best and he is executing what he observed in style.

He put together his awesome beats and his inspirational and thought provoking lyrics together to dominate the indie scene in the city of Chicago, and he is currently gaining international steem from the internet. With Radio plays on his belt, while staying indie he is proving that he can handle all levels of music commercialism. He is now ready to take the action to your television set. Get ready because the reveloution will be televised.



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