Deliver Us From Evil. (POEM)

I’m not trying to sell my soul for gold and ice
a nice house on the hill all alone at night.
Because when I do reach my dreams, what else can I do?
I spent my whole life fighting to a point of unsatisfaction.
Evil is behind rapping, the industry holds our minds.
they promote drugs, money, ice, into idle minds.
I feel music growing darker as the day unfolds.
It kinda makes it hard to sleep as the day unfolds.
I’m lustin women that u dream of on the magazine.
Then when u have it at your hand then the gladness seems..
lost, my whole life i’ve paid the cost
4 my actions, now God I need deliverance, some action.
Because whenver u come and take your people up.
The last place i’m tryna be is in the club.
I look in the mirror and see the devil behind my shoulder
Deliver me right now I’m not waiting till I’m older. PEACE.


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