Weirdest kids of the month.

                                                                       Kid Sarawr.


I’ve known this munchkin 4 about 3 years now, and by far this kid is the weirdest of them all. She changes her hair color every other week, her style is unique & zany, and she laughs at just about anything you say. She bites people 4 no apparent reason but she’s fun to be around. She’s a dope friend & she is also the one who tailored those nigerian looking skinnies you probably seen me in. Get Familar with Sarawr.


Next is this weird logo for the musician, graphic artist most commonly known as criss ruler. For those who don’t know him by his artist name Criss Ruler you probably know him by his grandpa alias “zip or ziptopher.” Whatever the case he is just weird. peep what he designed.



One response to “Weirdest kids of the month.

  1. she look like some kind of dinosaur

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