11.10.09 Dont Smoke the Ciggarette mixtape.

Allot of people have been asking me when was I going to release a progect of any sort, I always told them that I just wanted to go the single making route. I then realized that music is not about making singles, it is about making music that connects with people! Not only do I want to appeal to the eclectic audience I want to connect with everyone.

Sometimes people don’t mess with certain kinds of music because of the lifestyle of the artist. For example, I have friends that hate to listen to so called “hipster” artist then I have friends that won’t even give a rapper a listen if he has baggy jeans on! If you are a truly open minded individual you would not be Smoking That Cigarrete.

So I will be releasing my first ever progect/mixtape whaver you want to call it on 11.10.09. And I’m trying to help present it to you guy’s in a great manner with the help of my friends, Jumbo polish records, Criss Ruler, Dopesunny, Holmes Family, Fly Kite and Stef P. And I would like to make a special thanks to my label Angry Hero. ┬áThe progect will feature remixes from Chairlift, Miriam Makeba, Raheem Devaughn, Stef P. If u want to hear something that is different but actually GOOD,”Dont Smoke the Cigarette is for you. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. Be on the lookout it is almost here. And if you have a blog please review it and post it on ur site if you like it. =). 11.10.09 remember the date. LOVE U ALL!


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