Chico Debarge’s Video for Iggin me is classic. He was in Prison while his one true lover gave him false love and was sharing love with another young fellow. I really wouldn’t know what to do if I had to go through everyday in a cell thinking about if my “true love” is staying true. I experienced the same situation exept the jail part. haha. This beatiful young lady i called my future wife told me she dropped the faith of morals at the height of my love for her. That hurt me. It took a around 2 months to get over her after a solid annual relationship. During the time of me hearing her failed commitments, i relied on a bigger power for help. God. I found out that he is true love. He still is with me even though I sometimes I stray out of his light (not good). But look it at me now, I’m over her. Don’t wory about the pains of today for God hold’s tomorrow, just live accordingly.


One response to “MY CHEATING LOVE (iggin me)

  1. Real touching I really respect this.

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