The mark of the beast. Where will you spend eternity?

Being a musician is tough in a world controled by demonic influences. Some people may beg to differ on evil influencing our society. For instance if you look on the dollar bill you see that it is a war of Good & evil. You see the words “In God we trust” but you see the demonic symbol the pyramid in the middle of the dollar! The same thing in the music world. Artist such as Jay-Z throw up the same symbol, left eye had the eye of horus symbol (sun god) and so did lady gaga. Not to mention countless musicians including Lupe fiasco who had the symbol on their covers.

People feel that it is right to do wrong things such as fornication, common cheating, stealing, lying, cursing, blaspeming and so on so forth. But the bible says that all liars and….etc. will have their place in the lake of fire. When Jesus comes back again He will take all the christians with him. And by Christians I mean those that genuinly asked him to live in their hearts and cleanse their sins and did not fall back into sin. They will all dwell in eternitey with him. But as for th rest of the sinners they will remain on earth in a period unseen before in this world called, the tribulation period many evil things in this period will happen, from plagues to famine and the devil himself getting let loose on the earth.

Everyone on earth will be forced to take a mark on their forhead or right hand called the mark of the beast. You will have to have this mark to buy or sell on earth and those who do not have it will be tortured until they get it. Those who recieve the mark, seel their eternity in hell once the tribulation period is over (Because they have regected God for earthly pleasures). The earth will be an unimaginably horrible place, grooming sinners for hell which is unthinkably terrible. The only way to avoid these terrible times. Is to accept Jesus into your hearts now because no man knows the day in which the son of man cometh. Whether you die or Jesus 2nd coming comes first, will you be ready my friend?

And in those days men shall seek death but shall not find it. and shall desire 2 die. But death will flea from them. Revelation 9:6


2 responses to “The mark of the beast. Where will you spend eternity?

  1. wwooowww…this was the realness.

  2. Hello! Just a correction regarding the mark of the beast. Only those people whose names were not written in the book of life from before the foundation of the world will receive that mark for the purpose of buying and selling, but for those who take their stand for Christ, they will not be tortured to be forced to take it, they will be beheaded (Rev. 20:4). Also, the way in which the people are forced to receive the mark is because, at the midway point of that last seven years, the other methods of buying and selling will be made obsolete so that only the only way to have a job, buy food, gas, rent, etc, will be by the using the mark for credit and debit transactions via computer. And therefore, people will receive it in order to be apart of the world system. Those who refuse the mark will be an enemy of the beast (false christ). If you would like to know more about the technology and see the prototype for this mark that will and is currently being used, do a search on veripay, verychip and RFID and you will see the fulfillment of prophecy staring you in the face. If you haven’t received Christ, do it and be saved from all that is coming.

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